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LIVING LAB, our proposal for E15 ‘Productive Rotterdam’


We imagine Vierhavensblok as a place where knowledge, leisure, culture, technology and nature come together.

Our vision is to create a continuous vibrant space that flows from ground level to the top, from the inside to the outside, with a sequence of outdoor ateliers, patios, shared and private terraces.

E15_street view.jpg
Learning from Europan14 ‘Productive Amsterdam’


UP4 meets AIR (Rotterdam Architecture Institute) to share explorations into the future of productive cities. Read more here.

Makers Neighbourhood_AIR.jpg
E14/E15 Inter-Sessions Forum in Brussels


We are proud to be invited at the E14/E15 Inter-Sessions Forum on "Productive Cities". The event will take place in Brussels between the 16th-18th of November and we will present our winning project and the ongoing implementation process. See more here.

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How do we make better cities?


UP4 invited to talk about the future of Buiksloterham at the festival WeMakeThe.City, the largest city festival in Europe. All over the world, including Amsterdam and its metropolitan region, cities are growing rapidly. This growth causes serious problems concerning, for instance, climate, safety, affordable housing, and health. The key question is: what kind of city do we want to live in, in five, ten or fifteen years time? See more here.

UP4 presenting at the Productive City event


We have been invited to present on the 18th of April in Amsterdam.

Giovanni Lavanna will be there to present our Makers Neighbourhood project, and discuss the design principles of the productive city. See more here.

Makers Neighbourhood video


We are happy to share our new project video!

60s Makers Neighbourhood
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Makers Neighbourhood in Dutch newspaper Het Parool


The leading Amsterdam-based newspaper, Het Parool, today runs a story on Makers Neighbourhood - UP4's recently awarded project for Europan 14 NL. Read the full article here

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